Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mothers day! simple paper flowers/POSTCARD SWAP

Ok you so nearly didnt get a blog today... I am totally caught up in some new photography websites... oh my goodness do they ever make your photos go wow!! Cant show you just yet, but I promise to by the end of the week :) You will just have to wait :)

Happy Mothers Day!

Wow, doesnt it go by too quick that day? I tried to milk it for all its worth.. sleep in, nice breakkie, NO kitchen cleaning/washing/folding. It never lasts long enough :)

My mum lives overseas so its hard to do anything much for her on mothers day (sending stuff is too risky, I have lost way too many pressies trying to send things) but I talked to her and showed her a cool gift that the girls and I made.

Hubbbins mum is currently living it up overseas somewhere exotic too ( holiday, the lucky thing) so she also has one of these creations when she gets back. We did make one for Gran though, who loved it.

We started out with some stamping.

Amahli thought this was brilliant and quickly stamped a stack of paper, the table and herself ( shes getting quicker by the day) Jumeirah was more careful with her stamping and enjoyed choosing colours and different flower stamps to use.

I used a set called "gimormous blooms", its a set by a company called "Stampin Up". I've had them for ages but havent really used them much in my short amount of free time. Bu they are really fun to use. You could get any sort of flower stamp from most craft shops to do this. You could even make your own! Another way to do it is to get your child to draw a flower. Jumeirah did one for me and it turned out just beautifully.

Once stamped and dry, I cut around each of the flowers and attached them to a skewer. We bought the little jars from the reject shop ( $1= bargain!) and filled it with some of my precious stones.

Jumeirah had a great time with arranging them :)

They looked really cute and were perfect to give a present but they will also keep until my overseas mums come home to enjoy them.


Last year at Christmas, we did a small Christmas card swap for kids. It was such a lot of fun! We got lots of lovely cards from little people we didnt really know well ( I knew them, but the kids didnt know each other)

So many of my friends heard we were doing it and wanted to do an adult version, which I must admit, was just as fun. Better part was, they were addressed to me!! I LOVE MAIL.

Well Kim over at Mom Tried It, is setting up a postcard swap. This one is international so we are pretty excited!! Jumeirah is well keen to be part of this.

But it got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, we should set up an adults one too :)

ARENT YOU EXCITED?? Now you dont need kids to get cool mail! ( Now if you want your kids to be involved too, get them signed up with Mom Tried It in the link above and join the fun)

Heres how it works.

Fill in the form below. You will have until next Monday to do it ( May 17th)

I will get them formed into groups of 10. (hopefully we will have enough people)

You will get a list of 9 people to send a postcard to, write them, send them, and then wait patiently for your love to return :)
( ok go easy on me.. this is my first time making one of these form things so if it doesnt work let me know! I cant have anyone missing out can I??)


  1. Those flowers turned out so cute. I really like them.

    Thank you for organizing the grown up postcard exchange. I signed up!

  2. I think Stampin' Up even has a punch to go with those flower stamps...... Super duper cute!

  3. That looks like great fun! Do tell me when you'll be running another postcard swap, I'd love to put the word out on for you