Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More flowers :) Paper dipping style

I had Jumeirah home yesterday and so I needed to take the crafting up a notch for the day.. Jared didnt really care, but Amahli was well thrilled at the prospect of " big girls craft".

We decided on some paper dipping. Now this we have done before but she wanted to turn the finished products into something for her teacher.

And so we got out the food colouring and paper towel and got to work.

I gave Jumeirah hers to fold, getting her to fold it evenly into half and half again. Amahli I folded for her ( much to her annoyance) and helped her to "dip dip dip". We carefully unfolded it and she gave a great gasp and cried "MORE!".

The colours are beautiful and vibrant. I didnt add much water to them so they were pretty intense.

Jumeirah made about 6 of them and left them to dry.

Once dried, we turned them into flowers in these easy steps.

1. Take one square of paper and make sure its an exact square ( ours needed trimming)

2. Fold in half and and half again to find the centre. Unfold.

3. Take each corner and fold it into the centre.

4. Fold each new corner into centre.

5. Turn over and fold each corner into the centre again.

6. Holding the folded square in the centre, unfold a triangle on the back of each corner. ( look at the photo, its hard to explain) flatten to create a petal shape.

7. Glue centre corners down and add a button in the centre if you like.

8. Attach a bamboo skewer to the back.

Done! Arent they beautiful.
Think I might make some for myself :)


  1. Those turned out great. I love the bright colors.

  2. Love them - was the dye just food colouring?

  3. Very fun dyeing project! Also wondering about how much dye used...please tell.