Tuesday, May 25, 2010

window painting/ cotton bud painting for little fingers

My favourite way to be serenaded...

I have just about finished making the lists for the POSTCARD SWAP... I am actually pretty excited about it :) We got quite a good number of girls doing this from all over the world so it should hopefully be exciting for you too! You should recieve an email from me porbably tomorrow with the names and addresses of the people that you will be writing to. I will blog a bit more on this tomorrow, how and when to send them and hints about what to write. Stay Tuned!

I cut a few more Mumma strings today, and with that came a small leak from my face. With the rocky start Jumeirahs had into school life, she has wanted me to walk her to and from her classroom each day so she can prepare herself. This term is completely different from her, we've had no tears and the things that were bothering her have stopped, thank goodness.
She has been meeting me at the side gate in the afternoon and now has three other girls that all meet their mums with me at our spot. But this morning, she decided that she would be ok to walk by herself down the big hill, across the wilderness of the playground and down to her classroom. I encouraged this whilst I worried about the 5 million handball games she'd have to negotiate, wet ground that we all slip and slide in most mornings, "big kids" ( need I say more?? They are a scary breed) but she assured me she was ok, kissed me and turned and off she went. And I started leaking, realising that another thread in my chain to her was being cut. I watched her almost all the way, silently begging her to stop running on the concrete (I like her face the way it is thankyou) and proud of her that she has taken and pushed herself through this step. Ok its not alot, but it was a big thing for both of us :)

Today I decided to be brave and attempt a craft we did a fair bit at preschool, but one we knew would be mesy and sometimes unpredictable.. window painting.
Its finger painting but on a window or mirror which totally changes its appeal and effect. I made some finger paint from cornflour glue, tinted it blue, and spread a really thin layer onto the glass door.

Both came over, fascinated with what I was about to do. I took photos of my efforts as I wasnt sure i would be game to take photos of them doing it just in case I coludnt put down the camera fast enough.
Once a thin layer is applied, you can draw in the paint with your finger.

Once you have a design or picture, put a piece of paper over it to take the print. (You dont have to do this bit but it can be a good way to keep a picture if they want to).

Amahli was keen and I tried to encourage one finger to draw with but she was hell bent on using her whole hands to spread.

I let her go :) ( This craft isnt even attempted without wet towels to clean up on hand)

Jared wouldnt go any closer to it than about 10 metres back. But I quickly showed him a cotton bud and suggested he use that instead and he, surprisingly, was able to do it and enjoy it!

We printed a few but they were happier to just explore the paint.

In the afternoon, we went with a much more low key and easy painting experience and did cotton bud painting.

Amahli hadnt quite filled her crafty quota and was bugging me to "paint now!" As she is still learning to hold a paintbrush, these little cotton buds really encourage a very fine grip which really helps those muscles develop. It was great for Amahli as the paint dries really fast so she doesnt have much chance to get covered in it, the colours are really vibrant and fun to paint with, and she can paint as many as she likes!

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