Thursday, May 20, 2010

tractor love/ tractor shape matching

Postcard exchange entry is closed!! Will be sending out the list of people you will need to write to so you can get busy writing and get patient waiting!! Im so excited!!

When Jumeirah was small ( about 16 months it first started) she was completely and utterly obsessed with cranes.

Ma and Pa sent emails of cranes near where they live that just about sent her into a crazy spin.

I had to stop any time she saw one, she almost caused me to have a major car accident when she screamed cos she had seen a green one, she knew almost all the parts including the jib and other strange parts, and shocked scores of workmen when she spouted random facts and information about them. And she was barely a year and a half old. This hasnt really changed much, although shes learnt to warn me before getting too excited in the car :)

Jared, a typical boy, has always been truck and tractor mad and has had similar obsessions as his sister, making me pull over if we see one on side of the road.
Amahli has surprised me and has also taken up a similiar obsession, although hers are diggers and tractors. But she screams the paint off the car if I dont stop to get out and look. It was great when the house was being built as we could go watch the diggers everyday.
This week, we found a new construction site at the end of our street, by accident unfortunately, as now I have to go to it twice a day to satisfy the crazed obsessors in the back seat.

Here are our new found tractor friends.

So when we got home today and they were still talking about the tractors in high, excited voices, I thought I would create a craft where they could make one for themselves.
I quickly got on the net and tried to find a simple craft but couldnt find what I was looking for. So in a word document, I designed this simple tractor from shapes for them to match to create a great little tractor picture.

I cut out the shapes for them and we got started.

Jared labelled each shape correctly, and without any help at all, was able to match all the shapes on the picture. Hes getting so proud of himself when he knows hes done something right :)

Gotta love that self confidence :)

Amahli was more content in sticking the shapes to herself ( too much sticker play for her this week!) but kept saying "Look! A trackor!!"

These are the two awesome books we are currently reading..... ALOT. the cranes one is brilliant, awesome pictures and really detailed as well. The other is a great book altough it makes sounds so I am about the throw it out a window....

What are your kids obsessed with??


  1. My kids are obsessed with the same thing yours are. My son loves anything construction or firetruck. Daughter loves trucks too. The only thing that even comes close are animals. Mostly dogs.

  2. oh we have the dog thing too :) you should so come for a play day :)