Thursday, May 6, 2010

playing with shadows :)

Found three lovelies crouched down outside this arvo, totally engrossed by an amazing find..... baby spiders in the drain :) Oh, for a macro lens......

Almost hit my word limit for the day...(apparently women use about 20 000 words a day whilst men only use about 7000. I reckon its double if youre a mum) I reckon I used probably more than 10 000 of these sitting waiting in a Doctors surgery trying to keep three bored children amused with a book, my wallet and a fish tank. I think I mentally used waaay more than this on the woman ( sans children I have to add) who kept throwing filthy looks at the fact that my supposedly sick children were chattering away like happy monkeys. Its not like they were even being naughty or noisy, just rather like... well.... children really! Grrrr......

So heres what we did today :)
Such a gorgeous day here, perfect for shadow play.

We let our shadows touch fingers

Jared hid in mummys shadow and made a "crocodile!" (??)

We jumped on top of shadows

Amahli, (who totally couldnt work out why she couldnt grab hold of it) kissed "shadow duck"

Shadow duck nibbled on shadow Jared

Shadow duck about to peck Amahli

We fed shadow duck shadow carrots ( cos thats what shadow ducks eat dont you know?)

We flew and chased shadow planes

What do you play with your shadows? Anyone else got an pictures to share?

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