Monday, May 17, 2010

bubble licious cooking/ foil painting

Cooking up a bubbly storm

Recently, I have been hit a number of times with a slump in my 'tude'. I think it comes from being a stay at home mum and having limited conversation that doesnt include words like " Please dont", "What is that in your mouth?" and "Wees belong in the toilet". Mostly, I absolutely love being here with these little guys and wouldnt change my life with anyone. They are awesome, fun, loving and great companions. But sometimes going to day job looks like a luxury holiday :)

Today I woke with the resolution that TODAY that crabby slump changes :)

I set up some great areas of play that I know would be fun and busy. The most popular of these was the sand and water table that I emptied of sand and filled with BUBBLES.

As soon as Amahli heard the water running, she was over in a flash.We filled up one side with warm water nad I poured in some dishwashing liquid. We whizzed it up with the electric beater which made for some lovely, fluffy bubbles. To this I added some kitchen things so she could " cook and mix" with it. She had a great time here, pouring the water, making bubble pies, transfering bubbles to bowls and containers using the big spoons. It was such a great experience as she was able to practise her fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and wonderful sensory fun too.

We came inside to paint today, once bubbles were popped and wet clothes were changed :) ( its wasnt too bad, until Amahli thought her shirt needed to be washed.... with her still inside it)

I had made some paint using cornflour which makes a really smooth, bright consistency. I gave them both foil to paint on. Sometimes just changing the canvas makes a big difference and Jared was straight over to see if he could see himself in the reflection of the foil.

They both began to paint.

Amahli was happy to just explore the paint and brushes, Jared began with the blue paint and also began singing....
"here is the sea,the wavy sea
Here is a boat and here is me
And little fishes, away down below
wiggle their tails and away they go"

It took me a moment to realise that while he was singing, he was actually painting (what looked like) the sea! He asked me to cut some fishes and a boat and sang again. Its been such a wonderful thing to watch as his paintings change from exploring with paint to actually painting a picture he has thought about. He painted the sun at the top and then stood back proudly and announced " There Mum, I did the sea."

A great job too :)
Meanwhile, Amahli beside me starts squealing "Geen! geen!" and I look at what shes painting and she has mixed the blue and yellow together and its made green. She too, is incredibly proud of herself.

Still not sure whether the colour guess was a fluke or not, but this mumma was proud anyway :)


  1. It looks like so much fun. Hooray for Jared with painting a sea. It is beautiful.

  2. thankyou kim :) I jsut read him your comment and he says " thats right! I did make the sea!" we are currently working out where to display it....