Friday, September 17, 2010

pattern blocks/ matching numbers; early counting

Cos everybody knows... you cant jump on a trampoline without being fully kitted out with a "nummy" a "buggy" ( dummy and blanket), a biscuit and your goggles.... crazy kid you make me smile :)

Today I got out something new I bought a few weeks ago, Pattern Blocks.

Jumeirahs school has these out alot and I thought they would be good for a whole heap of different things. Today was a simple one, matching the shapes to a printable pattern block sheet I found over at Prekinders. I printed them out ( actually no, my printer has no ink, so my wonderful husband did it for me) and I laminated them ( so they will for longer than a day) in both black and white and also colour.
I put them out this morning, beginning with the colour ones, so Jared could match the colours up which was easier than matching the shapes to start with. He did really well, only needing encouragement to keep going.

Jumeirah took off with the black and white ones and had a great time doing those.

Amahli did try very hard and actually did match a few... she was more keen on putting the blocks in the appropriate body part place ie: head, tail and legs which I thought was pretty clever.

Jumeirah then got all tricky and smart by making these two designs

the running eye ( it took me ages to work out what she meant but its eye with legs and a hat) ( Im not as clued in as she is quite obviously!)

And "Mummy"

These blocks will be used for shape recognition, sorting, counting, matching and general pattern building so it was a really good buy!

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