Tuesday, September 14, 2010

water fun for little ones/ a new way with a pencil

Oh man I am so tired!! How does it get so late so fast?? I spend from 5pm till 7pm watching the seconds tick by till my cherubs can go to bed( nah not really... except tonight cos they are ferally tired themselves) only to turn around 10 minutes later to find its 10pm! hmmm.....

Luckily for me, I did a simple set up last night as this morning was hard to get with and TOO EARLY!!

Home corner at the table

New Elastic boards at the table

Book corner ( yes I know I need to make new cushions, this is part of the lounge!)

The glorious, still awesome rainbow rice with sea animals hiding in it

Today was a messy day.. Jumeirah actually had the whole day off today with a sore throat/ears etc etc etc.. the list was endless. So we traipsed off to the doctor to spend the best part of the day waiting.... three kids, one waiting room... it wasnt pretty. But back at home this afternoon, I got some things out for Amahli to do :) Neither of the other two were terribly interested, they were more keen on building cubbies and then blowing them up so I found something for just her.

Earlier in the week, I had taped some twistables together to create a quick,fun and easy way to draw a rainbow. At first, she wasnt keen, but when she saw how to use it she loved it.

It really is simply taping three or four ( or five of you are game) textas, pencils, crayons ( crayons work REALLY well) together for them to draw with. Its a good fine motor activity as its quite tricky to hold them all but it does give a great result.

Later in the afternoon, she turned into Babezilla and was horrendous so I gave her a small tray of water, a cup and a measuring cup and sent her outside. Ten minutes later, this is what I found:

One happy, quiet, content and totally engrossed child, pouring water back and forth between the two cups. She was in it for over an hour, totally oblivious to me taking photos and videos.

Pouring with such concentration

Quick sip saves me getting another cup!

Happy as a pig in mud, I think this kid was born with gills :)


  1. I hope your big girl starts feeling better soon. Looks like Amahli had a blast.

  2. hehe amahli was completely a pain until the water... she truly was the happiest I have seen her in ages :) today was the 4th day I set it up for her and still shes in it for an hour!!