Friday, September 10, 2010

eric carle butterflies

Another gorgeous day in Paradise :)
This is today... Im sorry, its been a big beachy week. But really Im not sorry, just sorry you couldnt be here.. how much fun would that be?!?!

tried so hard to catch the "plop" of this never ending rock throwing game but the iPhone just isnt fast enough :)

Thought I would revisit a craft we did last year for a little bit of Rainbow Friday fun... it also links well with my butterfly wings of last week.

Today we made our own paper designs using forks, spoons and our fingers...

I cut a few different templates out and they got ready to trace and cut.

Then we put them together on a page with glue.

I loved the result of these!

Eric Carle is an amazing story writer and artist.. go check out his blog sometime! But before you do, have a go at making these gorgeous butterflies :)

happy weekend to you!

Eric Carle blog


  1. You are such a tease showing all of those great pictures of the beach.
    I have now made it your responsibility to find my husband a job there. He is a software engineer, network administrator, and plain out computer genius. He has a ton of experience.
    You find him a job and I will find a house in your neighborhood. We could have crafty playdates every day and spend countless hours on the beach together. Imagine that. I would be in heaven. :-)

  2. if you are serious, he could easily get a job with my husband... he works as a computer guru ( IT manager) too.... just say the word and it will all be arranged :)