Monday, September 6, 2010

rainbow friday.. on monday :) Hungry caterpillar costume

I didnt get a chance to blog last friday.. with daddy flying home and a gala dinner I was a busy bee!

As promised, here are some shots of Jumeirahs gorgeous butterfly costume for book parade last week .
She didnt really make a huge show of it at school ( its not her style) but begged me to let her play in it for a little while when we got home.

And boy, did I get click happy :)

Today we did some simple activities you can do with things around the house.

Sorting with buttons, cotton buds and tongs was first up and was quite popular. Activities like this one are great for little fingers. It encourages fine motor control, hand eye coordination and patience :) It was also good today as it encouraged them to share together as well. They came back quite a few times to this today, I left it set up so they could come and go as they pleased which worked well although it meant I had to pick up buttons pretty much all day long.
You can use buttons or for smaller children ( or ones who have a habit of putting small things in their mouths) you can use cotton balls or something larger anything else thats a bit bigger than using small buttons.

Later in the day, Jared asked to paint (!) ... maybe I am wearing off on him :)
He wanted to paint "green" and so I went with this and got out green paint, white paint and green glitter paint. With the green paint, I added white to two of the pots of green so I had three different shades of green.

They were both pretty keen on this today, more to just explore and play in the paint rather than actually paint "something". I didnt get any photos of Jared as he wanted me to paint with him but it was a great time of greeny fun :)

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