Thursday, September 30, 2010

Circles circles circles/ Kandinsky paintings

Today was going to be a painty day. I had three different activities for three different kids and a happy 'tude that today was going to be great :)
Jumeirah has wanted for awhile to do a painting for Pa's 60th. We will be seeing them in a few weeks so the other day we bought a canvas ( $4 from Go Lo) and some new paint and had the idea to make a Kandinsky painting ( this is the original.. we did something similar a few weeks ago and she really enjoyed it).

I gridded it up for her and off she went. She worked away at her canvas for most of the morning.

Amahli, of course wanting to paint too, threw a wobbly until I sat her up with her own activity. She too, was doing circles, but hers were printing, which she was semi happy about. Once she started though, she loved it. I gave her three different colours and a range of different sized circles and away she went.

With kids this age, the best place for them to paint is at a table, strapped into a high chair. Not only can they not escape covered in paint, but you can move things that dont need to be in their reach without them climbing up the table to get to them, and it helps their concentration as they know they cant get out and therefore dont try! For us it just works better :)

Jared wasnt that interested in his circle activity.. he did a bit of printing and then was off to make things with the mobilo so I will do his tomorrow :)
This is the girls finished masterpieces.

Jumeirah was really proud of herself and enjoyed walking past it when I hung it on the lounge room wall. Her little grin everytime made me realise I really need to get started on my art display idea... yeah yeah I know. Its coming!!

I hope Pa likes it!


  1. I know you want to give that to Pa, but I would want to keep that for myself. It is so beautiful! Tell Jumeirah she did a fabulous job!!

  2. Thanks Kim :) she was pretty happy to read this! I am going to get her to make me another one :)

  3. This is amazing! It looks so bringt and fantastic. I think it is better than the original painting.
    I want one!