Wednesday, September 29, 2010

face painting/ make believe moments

We have had two jam packed full of fun days :) Did I mention how much I love school holidays?? Yes?? Oh well... Im going to say it again :) Having my kids at home... its just "right". I know they will probably drive me nuts by next week but for right now, its so much easier than running around like a mad woman doing drop offs and pick ups and not alot in the middle that feels that productive...
Anyways, I missed yesterday so heres what we did!
Jumeirah had some of her friends over yesterday so I became mum of 5 for a little while. Twas fun! ( in small doses, three is PLENTY for me)

I had prepared some plaster moulds for them to paint the night before.

Theres always one who wants to test the boundaries...

Our finished products!

All 5 of them absolutely loved this craft, and wanted to keep painting them, meticulously trying to get every bit of plaster covered properly, and then covering it in glitter.
They turned out beautiful.
Now if I had been smart, I would have put a paper clip in the back whilst it was drying so they could have it on a wall, but really, they didnt care.

I cannot say this enough. If you have kids aged anywhere from 1yr to 10 ( and possibly beyond) YOU NEED TO GET YOURSELF SOME PLASTER. Its the cheapest, but most fun thing my kids every ask for. I did a kids club last school holidays and had kids from ages 3-12 come and do multiple casts and LOVE it.
I buy my plaster from ebay... and I got a 5kg tub. ( plaster is about 2kg for $5 and about $10 in postage which is pretty good) I also bought a few moulds from ebay too ( they range from $3 to about $8 is my most expensive. A good latex style mould will last for years. I made 8 moulds in less than 15 minutes, its really easy to do.

In the afternoon, Jumeirah took over and asked for facepainting. Now, I am never really keen for facepainting... its such a messy craft and somehow gets everywhere when I do it, but I relented and got out my facepaints ( another thing all parents need in the "must haves" collection). I painted her as a butterfly, followed by a smaller person also wanting a butterfly.

Checking each other out

These two are going to be such heart breakers....the youngest is no doubt going to be a ball breaker too but I'll deal with that when I have to ;)

And then, they turned on me.
"Come on, Mum. You know how great you'll look!" came the chant, and soon I gave up and let her paint away.
I mean really, she could only make improvements ;)
Later, I checked out what I had become... an Indian Chief.

One of those moments with my ever growing beautiful girl..

I kinda like it! And so, my challenge to you this week... give your kids the face paints and see how you turn out!!


  1. I know where those girls got their looks! Those are all gorgeous pictures. Keep enjoying your school holiday.

  2. Thanks for the great tip about plaster moulds. I'm going to give it a go. Deb ;-)

  3. @ kim: unfortunately, they dont really take after me on the outside... but Jared and Jumeirah are totally me on the inside, which probably counts more :)

    @debbie: definitely give it a go!! its great!!