Monday, September 20, 2010

take time

Today I needed to stop... I had a party this morning and it wasnt until I got home this arvo after picking Jumeirah up from school that quite possibly I have been holding my breath for days.... so instead of picking up my camera to click away to show you how much fun we had, I just went and had fun :)

After jumping my heart out my chest on the trampoline, Jumeirah noticed we have our first two gerbras since last season. Very exciting as one is yellow! I havent had one of those before. The colour of these gorgeous blooms is really just amazing. Its so incredibly vivid that often a camera doesnt get its full effect. But this arvo,Jumeirah told me to go get the camera so I grabbed my new and incredibly cheap macro (well, sort of) lens and took this photo.

september 676

I absolutely love it :) And with my three kids all climbing over me to sit in my lap, we sat and admired this beautiful little flower.
Its times like this I need to remember to stop, switch off from the things that crowd my brain and just enjoy the moment. They pass all too quickly....


  1. This shot is beautiful! You definitely have a gift for photography!

  2. thanks kim! its taken with the macro lens you showed me :)
    turned out better than I thought it would!!