Thursday, September 16, 2010

bubble wrap painting

Arent I looking gorgeous this morning!!! Thanks Jumeirah :)

Umm.. what happened to Wednesday?? Did I sleep straight through it?? Who knows??
Might have been the fact that I was in some kind of strange world having three kids at home, one apparently sick but really causing too much drama to be REALLY sick... hmmmm....

Yesterdays craft was a fun and easy one, although it was easier still as its one of the ones I prepared last weekend. I get delivered boxes of The Body Shop loveliness at least once or twice a week. And in each box, aside from there being some beautiful smells, there is also a tonne of bubble wrap!

So I tried to think of a way to do bubble printing without it being a complete mess and worked out that if I kept the bubble wrap stiff, it would be easier to paint on and turn over to print..... so last sunday night, I cut cardboard up and covered it with bubble wrap :) Easy :)

Jumeirah was the only taker for this one but the other two will get a chance again on friday.

She covered one side of the bubble wrap in paint

Then flipped it over ( easy to do as it was stiff) and pressed down

Then lifted to reveal a gorgeous bubbly pattern!

She did a whole heap of these.. we both loved the patterns it made.
Good one to use to make wrapping paper. And the best part was, seeing as I sealed the cardboard in so well, I just rinsed them under water and they are good to go again!
If you dont have any bubble wrap on hand, you can buy it from Big W or the post office. We will be using it for more crafts next week.


  1. Looks great! Have you ever put the bubble wrap around a rolling pin? Tape it to the rolling pin. Use a tray (maybe styrofoam meat tray) and swirl paint in it. Roll the bubble wrap covered rolling pin in it and then roll onto paper. Makes a really neat design. They can even go back a forth to create different looks. It is a lot of fun. :-)

  2. What an original idea! i'll be trying it!

  3. Hey girls!

    havent tried the rolling pin Kim... will give that ago next time!

    Deborah: can you post some photos??
    Patricia: you should definitely try it :)