Wednesday, September 8, 2010

outdoor fun/ painty fun/nature fun

Today was a strange day.. disjointed and with no real plan, I let the littles dictate what we did as for some reason my brain has turned its creative self off.
Fine then, be that way, brain.
And so, I followed them outside. "We need a boat for fishing!" came the cry and so I went in search of a boat. I found daddys blow up boat in the garage and decided it was absolutely perfect for this pretend boating day. And so we blew it up and sailed across the seas, looking for sharks and whales, sleeping when we needed to, squealing cos we felt like it.

"Painting now!" came the next request and so I got out some butchers paper and paint and we walked through squishy paint ( note to self: a windy day, paper and painted feet does not a good combination make) and marched and tiptoed....

Yes, Jared did it too!!!!!

Jared and I heard a noise and found this huge cicada hiding under the table. So we went and found the bug catcher and caught him for awhile and chatted to him while he screeched back at us.

Amahli went back to foot painting after chatting to him for a little while.. I left Jared sitting in the boat happily telling his secrets to his new friend.

I left her for a moment ( a minute maybe? maybe two at most??) and turned back to find this little pipsqueak covering herself in a most colourful way. I left her to it :)
And whilst she danced and spotted and drew on her gorgeous little canvas, I did what I love doing most... clicked and clicked and clicked :)

I then returned to Little Miss Renoir and plonked her in the bath which she loved....

I told Jared we had to find him somewhere safe to live and so we set him free in our big tree. We are hoping he leaves us his shell to say thanks :)
Lovin my new macro lens... not quite a proper macro lens but one that is doing a great job anyway! Thanks Kim!

All in all, sometimes the unplanned, disjointed days can be absolutely wonderful :)

What did you do today?

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  1. Yea for Jared painting too! Did he freak out when he saw what Amahli did to herself? I love the pictures of the cicada. Did you use just the macro lens attachment or all of them? I got my new camera today and plan on testing my lens attachments out again with a more appropriate main lens. You rock!!