Monday, September 13, 2010

letter matching/ small world play: lizards

I had a funny ( not funny haha, funny hmmm :( ... ) moment today.... I still feel strange and really its something I know I need to let go of but its kinda hard, ya know??

All weekend, Jumeirah hasn't been well.... moaning about, not eating, complaining that she had a sort throat, a heart ache, a headache... nothing really huge and major, just not well. I told her she didn't have to go to school this morning as she still hasn't eaten much. She was happy with this and went to play with the "lizard land" small world I had set up this morning, so I went on with my normal start to the day... cleaning the kitchen, dishwasher, load of washing, vacuum... and then at 10 am told them I was ready to do something crafty. She turned to me, jumped off the lounge and announced
"I'm ready to go to school now." WHAT?! No, you're not. But she raced off to find her uniform and got upset with me when I told her I thought it would be better for to stay home.
But I took her to school. She has no temperature or anything, she looks well, and told me she was ok. But it feels really strange that she wanted to go so bad. I'm happy that we are in that place, of her actually enjoying school, but sad she didn't want to stay with me and my awesome craft stuff... oh well school holidays are coming up :)

Small world play: Lizard Play... I set this up in a small tub thinking it would be enough for one child...

But all three wanted to get in so I transferred it into a large one :)

This week I am really focusing on some learny learny stuff for Jared. I looked through some photos of Jumeirahs over the weekend and realised I did alot more number and letter things with her, rather than free play that I do with Jared. Thought for this week I would tip the balance and see how it goes :)
So last night I prepared all I need for a week of fun crafty learny things, along with writing up a weekly plan so I know what I am doing.
Today was matching the letters in his name to the balloon letters I had cut out.

He actually did really well at this, he doesn't know the letter names but he recognized them to match them from the name I had written. He wanted to add strings to his balloons so I cut some wool and he stuck them on.
Of course Little Miss wanted a go too and luckily everything I have cut out for him this week, I have also cut out for her :)
She had a great time and with encouragement she was able to complete her name too. Plus add the strings :)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I like the idea of making the letters balloons. Makes it much more fun. :-)