Thursday, September 2, 2010

easy set up for morning fun

I have no idea how she does this...

Today is my bloggy birthday. I have been blogging in the space for a WHOLE year! I started because I wanted to keep a journal of all the fun things we do, to encourage my mum friends to do things with their kids too. I am so glad I did :) Not only do a have a great treasury of awesome craft and experiences to do with my kids for years to come, I have been able to watch them change, grow, and learn through the things I have done with them. Yeah I knew it happened, but now I can SEE it :) And they can too. I have met some great friends along the way too. Fellow bloggers, other parents from all over the world, old friends reaquainted through a common goal to give our kids the best life.. its been such a fun adventure and I hope it continues!!

Today I feel lousy though... dizzy, churny stomach... off balance and yuck really. It better be gone for tomorrow, Im done with being sick! Today, I did something for my littles. Actually it was last night that I did my "fairies" trick, I set up an activity for each of them to come out to this morning. The preschool teacher in me loves doing this :) Its like Christmas watching them come out, squeal, and run to play with something I set up especially for them. This is what it looked like ( it took all of about 15 minutes to set up. seriously! Do it and watch how much fun your kids have!)

Train track for Jared

Rainbow fairy goodness for Jumeirah, knowing full well Amahli is also going to love this..

Drawing centre as well as Jumeirah loves to draw what she has created...

Farm set up for Amahli

Jared is first into the rice...

Amahli heads straight for the train track :)

Rice is split mid morning to accomodate two kids... and played with over 4 hours

Best stuff I ever made :)

I love doing this for them. Its like Christmas watching them come out half asleep, squeal, them immerse themselves in play. No one turns on the tv, no one argued... and best of all, I went back to bed for half and hour. TOTALLY worth it :)


  1. Ha! I was just thinking today how I need to make some rainbow rice like Karina made. Sorry I have been away for a little while, but we have a new teeny tiny baby in our house. :-)
    I am getting used to things and I will be back regularly now.

  2. I saw you had a very teeny tiny babe in your house!! how are things going? Is little lady settling ok? would love to have a cuddle.. i LOVE the teeny tiny ones :)
    I only got heifers ;)
    hows the rest of the clan coping with the changes??

  3. My kids adore the baby. Her brother could really care less. His delays and history of abuse and neglect make him very emotionally detached. My kids always want to hold and kiss the baby.
    Once I finally get my new camera (they are taking forever) I will take some shots of teeny toes and fingers. I will also take some real shots and email them to you so you can see her face.