Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tissue paper letters

Thank goodness we are nearly at the end of the school Term... emotions are running high around here and I have just about had enough! Its ok, take a breath.. only three more days....
I have started collecting ideas and things in preparation for the holidays. I want them to be full of crafty fun stuff and time spent together, not racing around town finding things to do, just hanging at the beach and at home. I CANT WAIT :)

Today, I printed off two large letters for my littles, a J and an A. Jared recognised the J straight away, which shows me that the work we have done the last few weeks is paying off. The A was trickier but then its not a very good example of a capital A really!

He got right to work, covering the J carefully in glue and then meticulously placing on tissue paper to cover it.

Amahli, of course, was also very keen, but needed a little bit of guidance to glue in the vicinity of the letter and not the entire house.

This was such a simple, fun craft to do. I love bright colours, he loves a fairly non mess craft, and she loves anything that includes glue or paint and something to show daddy :) Cos thats what matters :)

I found an awesome way to display their art too! Going to have a go at making it tomorrow :)
Stay tuned!!


  1. So simple and so fun. I'll be trying it.

  2. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you have in store.

    I can't believe Amahli didn't use her fingers to spread the glue around. I can definitely see her doing that. ;-)

  3. I think she would have if i had let her ..... :)