Monday, March 1, 2010

name tracing/bugs

I love melissa and doug puzzles :)

Today was one of those drifty/ cruisy days I love so much :)

Its raining and has been all day, I find the rainy days calming but busy in our world....

I set up some puzzles to start the day with ( gives me a chance to get with the program in my time whilst my little ones are busy) which Amahli loved as they were bug puzzles :) ( following last weeks love of bugs). We also had a mini farm set up and she happily made all the sounds of the farm whilst we got organised for the wet school drop off.

On returning I got out these great little stampers I bought about 4 years ago.

They are fantastic for little hands as they have easy to grip handles. They have been well used over time and are still going strong ( mind you, they have never met Amahli the destructor before so we'll see how much longer they last!). Jared had his bugs jump all over the page, more interested in the bug than the print they made. Amahli made up for that, printing from one of the table to the other with her crazy bugs.

(stampers like these I got from ebay)

Jared wanted to do some drawing instead of more bugs ( a new found interest which is being encouraged by a wonderful big sister on a daily basis) and luckily I was organised and gave him a page with his name ready to trace on top. He didnt want help to start with and enjoyed trying to trace his name. Once he had finished he wanted me to go over them with him. He then drew a picture of himself. (He hasnt had as much love for drawing as Jumeirah but with simple things like this he will be Picasso-ing like her in no time).

And for the rest of the afternoon, we built Thomas tracks whilst Amahli (who was more into herself today and was busy doing other things) played 5 million pick up with my Peek a Boo bag trinkets....

Just smile and walk away mum, smile and walk away :)

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