Friday, March 12, 2010

fun fast friday :)

The eyes are the window to the soul...

Its been a day :) Long but fun :)

I cant seem to upload as I would like to tonight, and seeing as its actually 11.59pm I almost missed posting today... Nevertheless! I thought I would share a quick one with you.
Someone asked me today the colours of my childrens eyes... well one is blue, but not an ordinary blue, the others... I totally was stuck for the right colour..

My childrens eyes have captivated me since the day they opened them. Jumeirahs: huge pools of Sky Blue, intense, sparkly, incredible blue. Its the first thing most people notice, quickly followed by the curls.

Jareds eyes are.... I really dont even know how to describe his eyes.. greeny blue? bluey green? Sometimes even stormy grey I see in there. His eyes are amazing, big and soulful, he takes the whole world in.

And Amahli, she has no colour I could describe either! Kind of brown but not really, hazel? green? Nothing really that Ive seen before, kinda like her Auntys but not quite the same either.

When I got home I was flicking through some old posts (do you flick through old posts? Not really I guess seeing as I am on the computer but that seems exactly what I was doing really!) and found this song posted on one of them that totally caught exactly how I felt about my kids eyes :)

Enjoy. Its really catchy :)


  1. thanks kim :) they have their moments but fast asleep they are really quite lovely ;)

  2. I LOVE IT - the eyes - the babies - AND the song!

  3. That is an awesome song - I love it :) - and your beautiful babies do have the most amazing eyes... they are amazing characters... and they have an amazing Mum. xx