Friday, March 26, 2010

fun with colour and sound

I took a sneaky day off yesterday, sorry about that :)

The afternoon turned into a wonderful family time, a series of "moments" that just filled me with such an intense love and feeling of pure happiness, by the time we came inside I was totally exhausted! So actually I am not really that sorry at all :)

At the moment, I spend my crafty time on a very fine line of chaos. This is how it usually goes.

Amahli begins to paint. Carefully at first, loving the colours, textures, patterns.

Jared comes to see what shes doing, likes what he sees, tells me he wants to do one

I do an internal happy dance as this little guy does NOT do messy stuff.

In this split second, Amahli has somehow managed to paint herself, not much but enough so that every time she moves, paint hits something else, the table, the chair, the wall.

I beg Jared to hang on whilst I race and wash Amahli.

Jared leaves, realising its potentially messy, leaving me sighing.

And so this morning, I set her up with some paint ( washable cos I knew this would be messier without me sitting right there the whole time) and let her loose :)

Last week sometime, Amahli was painting with blue and yellow paint, probably something I whipped out for her cos she was driving me spare with her cry for "paint!", nothing that spectacular really. Jared walked past, looked at her painting, looked at the paint and said "wheres green?" Amahli had ) in her usual complete mess fashion) created green paint on the page from mixing colours together. I wanted to explore this more with Jared today.

And so, I set him up at the table (no chance Amahli will get at this one!) with some special glasses filled with different heights of water. I got him to squeeze a few drops of yellow into one, a few drops of blue into another.

( meanwhile I was totally mesmorized but the gorgeous floating colour... looked like some awesome cocktail... oh what time is it?? Oh not time for THAT yet) I then got him to squeeze a few drops of blue in the yellow and watch very carefully. "ITS GREEN!" he cried and gentyl swirled the colour into the water. Hitting the side of the glass he said " Its a bell!" and then happily created lovely water music for quite sometime.

And so, whilst he played his happy bell music, I finished painting with her, quickly washed any evidence of mess, set her up with dinosaurs and sticks in the sensory stones, then got him to come down and see what I had. He wasnt keen so I did one first. He was surprised that, like the water, when I mixed blue and yellow together, it made green!
And so he obliged and helped me to do it too.

We did a couple of paper folding ones ( like you normally make butterfly prints, we folded it a bit different and made fish!) and then he was happy to swirl the spoon around on the paper without folding it.

He added blue and again was excited at seeing green :)

Happy Days :)

Ooppsss luckily it comes off!


  1. Can I ask, why do you do all your painting inside???

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. we paint inside cos everytime I take it outside I not only have to battle Amahli and the wayward paintbrush but I also battle THE WIND. He spreads paint quicker and more effective than a wayward paintbrush any day!
    Plus, paint on tiles or a wall is relatively easily removed... paint on bricks, wooden poles and decks IS NOT SO MUCH FUN :)