Wednesday, March 24, 2010

simple cruisy happy fun


Yesterday was one of those grey days... not quite rainy but really not very sunny. These type of days are my FAVOURITE. I always feel like I can do so much more without the heat and glare of the sun. Today I planned for simple easy time outdoors. I set up a few areas and let them loose.

Amahli headed straight for the wall I had covered with large pieces of butchers paper. She had a lovely time painting and for the first time, she managed to only paint the paper! Jared had ashort go but was more interested in building.

Oh sweet possibilities :)

Jared wanted to build with the blocks but got frustrated as the mat didnt provide any hard surface and it kept falling over.

So I dragged the table over for him to stand them on. Very quickly he found out that the table was on a light hill and each round block he placed on, rolled down the table. So we had some races with all three of us trying to get our blocks to make it to the end of the table.

It was great to let them just drift between things they wanted to do.. a spot of painting, a race with blocks, a little bit of climbing.... easy and simple and very relaxing.

This afternoon, we were back outside, this time on the trampoline.

This thing is by far the absolute best investment. So much so, we are now saving for a much much bigger one :) Amahli and Jared laughed so much they had to lie down for a bit after 20 minutes of non stop giggles and bouncing. I sat on it ( sadly it probably wont take my heavy butt jumping on it too much and tim has already broken a spring so I dont tempt a massive crash) and quietly clicked clicked away :)

watch out mum!

When Jumeirah came home she was out in a flash and very quickly got to painting....

Jared chased shadows ( which apparently is hilarious)....

Amahli climbed and slid and giggled herself into a happy frenzy.

Dont you wish all days were like this?

( just so you know, those of you who think you take too many photos?? Todays count was 64. In my own yard. In about 2 hours :) Yep, I am one hell of a Mamarazzi)

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