Monday, March 29, 2010

edible Easter/ easter hat parade

Rainbows of happiness :)

Dont you hate when life gets in the way of what you want to do???

I had planned on spending this weekend trying to do some more of my plane activities of a million years ago ( ok so that was a bit dramatic, but seriously, it FEELS like ages)and do some fun stuff for ME but this week is the end of school for the Term ( HOORAY!) and theres an Easter Hat Parade on Friday, so instead of stressing on Thursday night, we decided to do it on the weekend :) Wise I am :)

We talked about what she wanted to do.. something simple, easy to wear, nothing to exotic and NO chocolates ( school rule unfortunately). We bought some cardboard and set to work.
On Friday, I was asked the question " why dont you paint outside?" I have a very good reason too. Although most of our crafts LOOK messy, it is mostly a controlled mess. Outside, it beomes uncontrolled so fast due to an extra fun element, WIND. It has no respect for keeping paint pots, paintbrushes or painted paper, on the ground, prefering to flip them over and spread paint faster than Amahli. And trying to get paint of wooden poles, decks and pebble crete is no mean feat. But seeing it was only Jumeirah to paint, I took this activity outside to enjoy the fresh sea air.

I cut out some egg shapes from cardboard and covered them in silver foil.

She then painted on these shapes with a few different colours of her choice.

Then, using the other end of the paintbrush, she etched some designs into the painted egg. They looked so effective!

Unfortunately, the afore mentioned wind decided to play and flipped all eggs upside down onto the wooden deck. And so, she had to repaint almost all of them. Once we had placed them inside to dry, she took off with the camera and snapped away whilst I removed evidence that would no doubt have been used in divorce court had daddy seen it :) Lucky for me, it wasnt too bad. ( bad enough that I will be sticking to cleaning tiles and walls inside in future!)

Once all the eggs had dried, we cut out the cardboard to make it look like grass. Staple, sticky tape and we were ready to add the eggs to "hide" in the grass. And basically, its done! She really liked that it looks like a crown :) We'll add some flowers later in the week ( probably in a mad rush on thursday night!)

This morning, after a fairly horrible school drop off ( will this ever get easier??) I came home feeling fairly flat and really not in the right frame of mind to do craft. But knowing how much fun these two would have with what I had in mind, I decided to do it anyway :)

And so I began to get out the massive sugar rush I was about the introduce on my lovely ones.

I took them outside, strapped Amahli in her chair, and showed them the multicoloured treasure we were going to create with.
I gave each of them an Arrowroot biscuit ( its egg shaped, and thus the reason I was even attempting this craft!)and also a little container of coloured icing. ( Unfortunately I may have been a little over zealous with the colouring.. should make for pretty nappies later). Jared got right to it, carefully trying to spread the icing without getting it on him.

Amahli couldnt get it on fast enough for her, so I helped her a bit. SHe then decorated it. I told her she could taste it, it was something to eat. ( I can understand her hesitance, it isnt often I give tehm lurid blue food). Then she ate the decorations. And then the biscuit :)
The idea is to decorate them and put them in the fridge to set, but really, but this stage there was no way she was going to wait :)

Jared completed about 4 of these today, and ate two :) He really enjoyed himself and was quite meticulous in how he put the icing on to how he decorated it.

How good do they look!!!

Try one, you say?? Oh ok, Just one :)


  1. Oh I used to love those biscuits!
    A bit worried about your Thursday night rush though... If you do this then you will have missed it. Friday is a public holiday (good Friday) so please change the mad rush to Wednesday night :-)

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Glad you got the deck clean before your husband saw it. :-)