Tuesday, March 23, 2010

simple easter eggin

These are the finished results of Jumeirahs Easter cards from yesterday. She was so proud of herself for creating something so effective but something that also contains little pieces of magic. I have made her a card too with the left over scraps so this weekend we are off to find some good soil and a pot to plant them in :) Lets hope it works!!

Its been such a rewarding thing these last few weeks as these two discover each other. Both are absolutely in love with their beautiful older sister, who tailor makes play from each of them... with Jared its cars, building and hiding and seek, with Amahli she reads to her, chases her around the house and trampolines. She is an incredibly thoughtful child and really we are quite lost with her at school. But recently I have noticed these two gravitating toward each other and actually playing together rather than annoying the crap out of each other :) This morning was busy as we made this awesome Thomas track in the bedroom.

I left them to it, but peeked around the corner to find Jared trying to teach his strong willed little sister how to race the trains down the mountain. Such a lovely pair :)

It gave me time to prepare the craft for today which was to decorate an Easter Egg. My poor poor brain is so overloaded with fun Eastery stuff to do but I want to start with some simple stuff to use for decorating parts of the house. Plus I want to save some tricky stuff for the school holidays :)

And so, I covered some cardboard in foil (cut as a egg shape) and gave Amahli ( who was by then sqwarking at my leg having caught the scent of paint and come running) some blue glue and some tiny collagey things: beads, left over coloured rice ( from I dont know when), tiny buttons and some tissue paper, and began.

She loved drizzling glue all over ( everything) and then used tiny pinches of rice to "binkle binkle binkle" ( sprinkle) over the egg.

Jared came and watched for a bit, assessed mess and icky factor, and then was happy join :). He wanted me to glue but then was content to place things onto to glue.

How pretty do they look :)

Now I just need to work out how to display them... hmmmm...

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