Thursday, March 11, 2010

sticky tape painting/ shape hammering/felt fun

Oh where oh where has this little child gone?? And WHATS WITH THE REPLACEMENT????

(ok you'll have to excuse the photography today.. its dark and rainy here at the moment and I really hate using the flash but now every thing looks fuzzy.... its kinda how my day was...)

Nothing is right with my little babe today... she is a total misery guts. Mind you, she does have a Molar the size of a small planet annoying the crap out of her and has ben annoying her for now 5 weeks straight. Today, she is letting me know she is not at all pleased...

She didnt want to get in the car to go to school

She didnt want to get out of the car at school

She screamed when we left school ( didnt help that its pouring and all of us are getting wetter as the minutes tick by)

She didnt want to paint so I packed it away, so she screamed again

She got a time out ( yes it does work on a 1 yr old!)

She wanted to paint, but wouldnt let me help ( and it was the day I got something that needed me to help with. DUMB MUM)

She threw the paint on the floor, so I screamed ( well not quite but I was definitely doing that in my head)

She didnt want to eat anything except the table

Finally, she settled with the felt I had put out for Jared

So he screamed, briefly ( He was easily distracted with Tiny Teddies)


I have learnt that on these days the best thing to do is just take one step at a time. Dont push yourself to be the supermum you want to be. Just focus on getting through each part of the morning until its rest time :)

The craft we did do this morning ( which I am now covered in and just spent the best part of an hour cleaning the walls and floors of any evidence) was Sticky Tape Painting.

We did something similar ages ago with contact, but thought I would try it with just sticky tape. Jared was happy to let me do the tape, hes had some sticky situations with this stuff so hes not really keen. But he did tell me where he wanted it. I did Amahlis and quickly put it on front of her. We had four colours and they began to paint away. The beauty with these paintings is that they can paint anywhere and everywhere and still it turns out really well. I Did this craft to encourage Jared to spend a bit more time in painting instead of the few slap bangs he normally does. He stopped at one point and I showed him he still had some spots to cover and he finished it off.

Unfortunately, Amahli was still crabby and pulled the tape off before it had dried so it did rip a bit but still looks effective.

I also put out the hammer and nails set which I grabbed for him so he had something to do whilst my little one dealt with her very loud wild temper/ pain rampage. ( It was better to be out of the fight path with this effort) and he began to find all the shapes we used yesterday in our bubble wrap painting. I was impressed that he remembered all of them. He happily tap tapped away creating a great picture, whilst Amahli raged below.

She wanted a turn (of course) so I sat her up to try the hammer ( I hid the nails but she realised something was different so I gave her a few to "try" with).

Jared had moved onto the felt board and felt pieces and was creating a scene ( a nice, normal felt scene, quite unlike his little sisters "scene"). I had this out to encourage his speech and imagination and it was to be something we could create together. Didnt quite go as I planned as I was trying to still console Amahli but I sat and watched as he made a "stormy day" with the pieces. These felt play stories are a great resource to have around, this one was "The Wizard of Oz" but is more often used for their own creative play. (We got ours from Target.)

She joined in and helped him plant the flowers and set up the castle. ( a few minutes of happiness :) )

And now, its peaceful. They have both gone to bed, one exhausted and probably still in pain but not enough to interupt sleep, hopefully, and the other, happily snuggled and singing himself to sleep.

And I will take another large breath and prepare for this afternoons battle. I will also take a moment to realise I made it through the morning :)

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming......

Epilogue: She slept. For THREE hours, as did he :) And so she was alot happier this afternoon. I even got this:

Monkey :)


  1. How old is Jared again? I have the same hammering work, and seeing your post made me think perhaps the 2 1/2 year old boy is ready for it? He's a nut for hammers and pounding!

  2. Jared was 3 in Feb but hes been mad keen on hammering since he was just 2. DO IT!! :)