Wednesday, March 3, 2010

homework helpers

Mas "Ma" doll I made. shes naked cos she wants to embrace her true self ( read: I cant make clothes to save myself)

Jumeirah came home with homework last night and with an attitude of not wanting to do it. ( I totally get that, I mean, homework in Kindy?? What did they just spend the last 6 hours doing???) But she sat up next to me and we began.

To start, she had to make as many words as she could using the sounds P I T S A N. She saw “pit “, wrote it and said “ I’m done I cant see any more”, so I decided to help her out.

I learn by doing. I struggle with concepts unless I can physically work with it to get my brain around it. I love things I can actually “see” and really haven’t ever done well with things I have had to just learn by rote or facts without me being able to prove it. So I cut up 6 pieces of paper and wrote a letter on each piece.

I gave them to her to muck around with…. All of a sudden she started whizzing letters around each other and finding new words!! “ MUM! LOOK ANOTHER ONE!” she cried excitedly as words began to appear before her. She really enjoyed doing this and was amazed that a few letters could make so many words.

I gave her my letter blocks and board to make some other words with a small selection of different letters and she happily made new words to her hearts content. She even created some of her own new funny words.

The other part of her homework was to create a sentence using a few sight words. So I did the same thing: wrote out the words on slips of paper and gave them to her to work out. She actually made quite a few different sentences, but told me “ the words are a bit boring” and so once she’d made one sentence and wrote it down, I gave her my magnet words to create her more “interesting” sentences and stories.

Stupid computer keeps turning this one the wrong way but her sentence reads" I smell chocolate peach honey please mother" and " the moon I stare in a garden"

Jared wanted homework too so I sat him up and he traced his name and snipped around the edges. He loves to feel important to her so the two of them sat happily helping each other. Amahli too, quickly wanted part of the action so I let her have some textas and a page to draw on too.

Homework can quickly become boring, but can easily be changed to be fun by turning into something they enjoy :)

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