Thursday, March 4, 2010

string painting/ more from the stones

Very large Australian Nastie : Red Back Spider... shudder....

Give away is closed!! Thanks to those that entered and to say thanks to you for actually going to the effort of entering I am going to do something special and give you all a Peek a Boo bag :) Arent I great :) So I will let you know when they will be posted to keep your eyes out!!

Amahli took off with one of the bags yesterday and really enjoyed playing with the bag but got frustrated that she couldn’t get the things out of it. So I thought I would create her a play space that would allow her to explore in a more tactile way....
My beloved stones... these little beauties have been, by far, one of the best ever investments. I get them out whenever things get a little skittish, or when Amahli is getting tired way before she is supposed to go to bed, its also great for quiet time for Jumeirah and she also loves using it for pretend play. Jared loves to use it as a quarry for trucks and enjoys pushing the rocks into piles.

Today, for Amahli, I hid some of the Peek a Boo bag trinkets in it and covered them over. I also put in some egg cups we found in Spotlight so she could pour with them.

She started with pouring, and was happily tipping it back and forward between the egg cups... until something could her eye... “ A CAR!” she squealed and then sifted quickly through the stones to find more things. Once she had found all the items, she handed back to me and said “ more?” so I re hid them and she did it again.... I love my stones :)

We also did some messy painting today. Actually it wasn’t as messy as i had envisaged it to be, thankfully! Its string painting with pegs. (great for colour recognition, fine motor control to pick up the pegs, and its fun!)

We attached wool to the pegs and dipped them in paint that was slightly watered down.

Then I got her to pick up the peg and move it across her page. Jared enjoyed this too and pretended he was a “jellyfish” which is just how it looked!

Long weekend here for me as I wont be blogging tomorrow... my mum is here for a few days so I am going to make the most of it!
Happy weekending !!

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