Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peek a boo bag/ popcorn paintings

Love :)

Wow what a disaster last night was... I for the life of me , could not work out what I was doing. 6 disasters later, I admitted defeat and went to bed, only to wake up at 4am this morning and realise what I'd done wrong. Oh how I wish I could take out my brain at night... stupid thing just wouldnt let up!!

Anyway, today I figured out what the heck was going on and finally finished the first of my "keeping kids happy and quiet" activities with this little gem. Its called a Peek a boo bag and contains 25 items hidden in a sea of white pellets. Its not something new, I have seen them before, but the "real" ones are so expensive and I figured I could work it out :) Finally :)
This one is an incredibly rough version... I unpicked the little buggar I dont know how many times but finally I worked it out and have being hunting for things in it ever since.

But the good thing about trial and error and a particularly anal and perfecting person is that I have made two more tonight :) One is for my little travelling friend and one I am giving away!! I know its not very exciting, but the give away I wanted to do for making it 100 posts didnt end up happening so I figured I would give away one of everything I am making for my little travelling buddy to make up for it :)

A yellow pencil
A gold plane

The Peek a boo bag is a great little bag size activity that will keep kids amused while they try and find the items listed on the back. It has a clear plastic window for finding things, and being completely enclosed, contains no losable parts ( is that not the best bit ever???) It has been double layered and double stitched to ensure nothing escapes from it. The one I have made is probably for kids aged 2-7 ( although Amahli loved the sensory feel of it and my little travelling guy is younger. He will no doubt enjoy sitting on mummys lap and looking at the things in it).
So to score a perfectly made Peek a boo of your own just write and tell me "what your folks used to keep you amused and quiet or what you use now to keep your own kids amused and quiet" below and I will pick one at random. Comments close next Thursday ( march 4th) and I will post the next one :) There will hopefully be 4 things to be won in total.

We made pop corn this morning, its becoming a favourite thing to make for both Amahli and Jared who stand under the microwave and count down the seconds. Today I had soe much of it left over I went to chuck it out when I realised it would be fun for a letter activity!
And so, I got out some glue and printed of the letter "P" for Jared to trace and paste with Popcorn.

He thought it was pretty funny to do this... one for the mouth, one for the glue page.

I spent a fair bit of time trying to get Amahli to leave it on the page instead of rescuing each piece into her mouth :) (Probably why I dont do many crafts that look tasty, its too tempting!) But she soon left him to it and began to paste herself. I found on youtube the original "Popcorn Song" and put it on and Amahli had a ball painting to this. She painted and went " pop, pop, pop" through the whole activity. Very funny to watch until she turned and "popped" on me... luckily it washes off :)


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  2. You are so totally awesome Karina! Where were you when my kids were as young as yours?!?! You should sell these at markets, they would be super popular! Not to mention a book of all your inspirations would make it on Oprah! If you ever decide you want an adult child I am all yours! :)

  3. hahaha thanks for the vote of confidence Leonie :)
    As long as you are good and wipe your own bot bot Im fine with an adult child :)

  4. WONDERFUL idea Karina... Love it - as I do all your ideas!!!!!
    I have to admit I'm pretty boring when it comes to the 'what to take to keep kids quiet' bag of tricks - books to read, pencils to draw with and FOOD... LOTS OF FOOD!!!!! LOL. Millie (4) really likes to take a Barbie or two, Oli (9mths) takes anything that makes a noise, Chloe (8) is happy to take a pen and paper and write letters to her friends, and Jamie - well, it doesn't really matter, EVERYTHING IS BORING FOR A 10 YEAR OLD!

  5. I had totally forgotten about this one of yours! Fantastic idea. Love it!

  6. Could you give a little more directions or pictures? We were talking about an open box where you did this (with things to find) but I like this idea that it's all "enclosed"!! :)

    needanap2 at gmail dot com