Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bubble wrap printing/ what do we do we do with a grumpy toddler?

little girl.... discovering the joy of books :) and for the briefest of time this morning, she was not attached to me....bloody Molars!!

We had a parcel delivered to us last week!! Actually the parcel itself was rather unexciting for my gang but what it came wrapped it was wonderful BUBBLE WRAP!! And so, after much stomping and popping and general craziness, I rescued a small amount of it to craft with somehow... (everything can be crafted with!)

Currently, Jareds favourite book is a Thomas one ( no real surprise there, this kid is Thomas obsessed) about shapes and so we cut out some shapes from the bubble wrap to print with. He chose the paint and I found some rollers and we got right to it.

Bubble wrap and rollers are a fun paint activity, for Jared it was all about being a steam roller across the bubble wrap today ( complete with sound effects) and then trying to carefully turn it over to print without getting it on his hands.

Tricky stuff it was! But it printed really well and he happily labelled the shapes as we printed them. This activity is great for fine motor control, hand eye coordination, colour and shape recognition. Amahli was happier not using the bubble wrap but prefered to just roller on the paper.

Once painting was done and dusted for the morning, I found that I had a monster amount of paint clean up to do and a grizzly, teething toddler attached quite firmly to my leg...
So I set the said leg monster at the tub to "help" ( a word used lightly when its used to describe this little one and water) me wash up the pots and paint brushes.

She had a ball :) Water was (of course) dripping from the walls, the tub, herself, and even somehow from the roof, but she was happy and we have now the cleanest brushes and paint pots in town :)

She was not happy about finishing so I got rid of the painty water and half filled it with clean water and bubbles.... which got me thinking... maybe, just maybe I could add some things to her bubbly water to be washed and she could actually be really helping me! And so I gave her some tea towels, socks and a couple of her tshirts to wash. And boy, did they ever get a good wash! I dont think the washing machine is as vigorous as this little one was :)

Now all I need to do is teach her how to use pegs and my work here is done :)


  1. We have done the bubble wrap painting at home, too. We do it a tad different, though. We tape the bubble wrap to a rolling pin and my son rolls it into paint and then onto the paper. Lots of fun either way! Such cute pictures,

  2. oh thats a great idea!! now to find the rolling pin in the sand pit....i think :) do you just tape it with sticky tape?