Thursday, March 18, 2010

Super Star/ I am woman

Finally!! Shes back!! The crab I have been dealing with for weeks now took a break to give me this lovely little giggle girl back... hoping she stays a bit longer.. I like her :) (still no tooth, 7 weeks and counting with this molar lump the size of a small marble)

What is it they say?? "Pride comes before a fall"????
hmmm shoulda listened to that....although really it was more of a stumble but it was enough to stress me temporarily.

Yesterday, I finished Jumeirahs costume for her Nursery Rhyme Parade ( its tomorrow) and amazingly, I finished it by 9pm and was pretty proud of the fact that I had finished it a whole day and night before it was due ( normally, I pull an all nighter or stress until my hair almost falls out the day before) which was awesome... I didnt have a model to try it on but I figured it would be perfect anyway. Went to bed and glowed on how wonderful I was and how right it all was. WRONG.

Unfortunately, I cut the head hole to close to the top and so it doesnt sit on her head, but falls around her neck instead, which I am told is very annoying. And unless she doesnt move around in it, this will continue to happen. GRRRR

My lovely Jared model

With his head falling through the hole although he didnt really care, he loved it! I tried to take a better photo of it hanging around his neck but it kinda becomes a chocking hazard fairly quickly... oppps

And so I racked my brains most of today trying to work out how to fix it. I attached a thick piece of elastic thinking I could make a headband style thing and she could have that secured around her head, yeah that will work. Elastic was too thick and cut of circulation to the back of her ears.... BUT miracle of miracles, I found some thinner, black elastic and did the same thing and somehow it seems to have worked :) Again I am the "best mum I never had" thankfully. And it only has to last an hour and the whole thing can be put rest ( or burned, whichever is quicker)....
To make this star I bought glittery material, black material for the lining, and some foam ( think its about a cm thick). None of the materials used were cheap so it really had to work the first time. I cut the shape of the star twice after drawing it freehand. Then I spent an hour staring at it trying to work out how to cover it with material. I traced the foam star onto the black and glittery fabric and stitched the fabric together, right sides facing, and leaving a two inch gap along one side for turning it out the right way. I then inserted the foam, swore furiously at it for not fitting, yanked it back out and trimmed it, then lovingly coaxed it back in again. This is the back piece.
Repeat for the front piece. Then I tried to guess where her face might be, and cut a large ( too large so it happened) circle out. I wanted her to be able to hear so it was better to have it big than to small. Then I hand stitched the border of the face, then joined the star front and back together and hadn stitched the top point and the top side of the second points. ( I am sorry I dont have a photo of all this, I was on a mission and just wanted it done!)

The back
Jumeirah: now able to walk across a stage and have a photo taken, I hope :)
Thin elastic goes under her chin and behind her ears.

Today was one of those dangerous pondery days where I wonder if I am much more than a "mum". I am torn between who I am and what I am. I am a mum, that much I know, but I am also me, someone with ideas, love and heaps of wishes. I struggle to get the balance between just about everything on a daily basis. I wrestle with wanting to do great creations with my kids and wanting to have a tv day. I argue with myself about giving them healthy stuff to eat and enjoying hot chippies on the beach. I get mad at the fact that I overcorrect too much but I also want my kids to know I'll help them get it right. I crave my own time but really dont feel right when they arent with me...

Funnily enough, I stumbled upon a new blog called Adventures of a Rainbow Mama and she'd written a poem of sorts that I totally connected with....
( this isnt the whole thing, check out the blog for that. I just took a few lines that really hit me)
I'm always in a million minds about everything...

I crave simplicity.
I crave adventure.

I want to live frugally.
I feel like going shopping.

I commit to making wholesome food for my family.
Lets eat takeaway fish & chips tonight.

I want to challenge myself creatively.
I'm scared.

I am a good mama.
Is it meant to be so damn hard?

There are so many good books I want to read.
I just need to collapse in front of the t.v. tonight.

I want to detail clean every surface in the house.
I find myself at the computer again.

I love my children with an intense passion.
I'm sorry I was cross with you.

I wish we were homeschoolers.
I'm so happy that you love school.

I wish our garden was full of flowers.
I don't wanna garden today.

I love creating extravagant birthday parties.
Maybe birthdays should be small & intimate.

I need to lose 5 kilos.
The '4 nuts and zabaglione' cake.

I believe in following the child.
No. you must. now. because.

I love my husband.
I am irritable and thoughtless.

I want to escape.
I've never been happier in my life.

I don't think I can do this.
If only I could always see how easy it is.

And so, another deep breath, left foot right foot :)

I am a mum :) I am awesome :) I am woman, hear me roar.
( shh!! the kids are asleep!)

Whats going on in your head?


  1. That is it, I absolutely need to move to Australia. We should be neighbors. We both love the same things (it seems) and struggle with the same things (it seems). When you need down time, you could send your kids over to my house, and when I need the same, I send mine over to you.
    So now I just need to find my husband a job over there and we are set. :-)

  2. Oh Karina, get out of my thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That poem is soooooooo how i feel most of the time!!!!!!!!!!! nice to know i'm not alone. xx

  3. Kim, I will start ringing the realestate :) what does your husband do?? is he fussy ;)?? I would so LOVE a kid swap neighbour :) xx

    Suze, I am slowly learning that ALL of us chicks feel this way! and here i was thinking i was something special ;) xx

  4. and kim you are busted!! arent you supposed to be "unplugged"??? Hope all is going well...

  5. Wow, that is like I she just read my daily thinking!! Love your site Karina, you are inspiring me :) Thank you. x