Friday, February 26, 2010

bug catchers for little people/ sandpit without the pit

Its Friday!!!! Time for a dance!!!

For some reason quite unbeknownst to me, we seem to have a ridiculous amount of bugs at our place at the moment. Currently, its crickets ( yes I could have shot the lot of them last night, they chirped ALL night but we have always got beetles, ants and other pretty wriggly things. The trouble for these little critters, I also have a inquistive 1 yr old who likes nothing better than to squash, chase and generally annoy all things that move. Yesterday, although was a little scary as this little girl of mine was happily annoying something when I realised it was a wasp ( bad little stingers those ones) and she was actually annoying it enough that she was in danger of being given a nasty sting. I yelled for Jumeirah to get the bug catcher and we caught it. ( sorry to say folks I had to kill it, but I did it quickly, it felt no pain) Once caught and "no longer going to attack" I put the bug catcher on the table and walked away to make sure there was no nest as well. When I came back, Amahli had climbed the table and was completely fascinated by it, holding the catcher and turning it around so she could see it better. I figured that this new interest could actually help her to not pick up creatures in the garden and decided to teach her what to do if she sees something...

Later that day, she found a cricket in the kitchen ( noisy buggar, he really couldnt be missed!) and she raced outside to get the bug catcher and we caught him.
I took him ( and her) outside and she sat down and took a closer look, which made the cricket jump. Wide eyes and giggles followed as she picked up the bug catcher to "talk" to him.

Once she had finished looking and chatting, I put him outside in the garden, as far from the house as possible :)

I had a neighbour come over yesterday and comment on our sand arrangements. See, we used to have a sandpit, and sand was constantly being walked through the house, driving me nuts. Then it rained and the sandpit filled with water ( see here for the fun they had in that) which made it impossible to move or really keep protected and so it gets gross. I end up chucking it out and starting again, only to have the process repeat itself not long after... So I solved it by doing this :)

Instead of having one large sandpit, I have bought a few large tubs. This allows my sand lovers to play with the sand and things in it, but not actually get in it themselves ( well most of the time). It means I can pack it away, I can lift it, add different things to it without much effort, and even sometimes, I bring it inside ( yeah its rare but it can be contained :) ).

Its such a better way to have sand play. I made ( with the help of grand dad) this stand a few years ago for Jumeirah so often the sand play can be done standing up. I put water in one side and sand in the other and they can fix it all up to their hearts content. Being a smaller amount of sand it dries quickly when its finished with.

Today, though, we had dinosaurs in it which was perfect for my two and my two 9 month old twin boy neighbours, who were totally happy to sit and sift the sand through their fingers...... :)

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