Monday, March 15, 2010

cupcakes/pastel painting

Sick as a dog.....

There are several expressions of the form sick as a ..., that date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sick as a dog is actually the oldest of them, recorded from 1705; it is probably no more than an attempt to give force to a strongly worded statement of physical unhappiness. It was attached to a dog, I would guess, because dogs often seem to have been linked to things considered unpleasant or undesirable; down the years they have had an incredibly bad press, linguistically speaking (think of dog tired, dog in the manger, dog’s breakfast, go to the dogs, dog Latin — big dictionaries have long entries about all the ways that dog has been used in a negative sense).

Currently, sick as a dog doesnt quite cut how rotten I feel.. more like a dog, a small herds of elephants, a couple of zebras and a cockatoo... UGGG.

I dont like being sick and quite frankly, I DONT HAVE TIME! Add to the mix two littles being unwell as well, one happy to plonk in front of the TV but the other I have carried most of the weekend.. hoping it doesnt last long!

Life and crafty stuff has gotten busy again...I made this gorgeous little set of felt cupcakes for one of Jumeirahs friends for her birthday ( quite fun to make really, and I saved myself the stress of trying to find something not too expensive but also not cheap looking in the Toy Shop with three children... always a bonus) and got asked by another parent to make a few more sets for her.

Bit excited about that as I would love a little bit of extra change in my pocket right now :) These little cute things are pretty simple to make, just a but time consuming. There are lots of patterns on the net for them, lots will charge you for them, but here is a free one from smashed peas and carrots blog, the really really cute one from Rachael Rabbit and one from the Instructables website.
Also nearly finished all the peek a boo bags from last week and another friend wants me to make her 4 for her kids too!

Going to be hard to find this name again :)

So I got a touch more excited... and now I have this rotten head cold which is impossible to make anything as my nose keeps dripping onto things... gross, I know.
So we kept things simple today. Amahli did a beautiful pastel and watercolour painting which for some reason, I want to frame and hang on the wall. Its such a peaceful, calming painting whilst the colours underneath give it the "colour zing" I so love in art. And so maybe I will just do that :) Jumeirah did one too before school and she really enjoyed it too.

Jared was happier to just draw with the pastels... they are so lovely and smooth and are possibly my favourite thing to work with too. He was talking to himself whilst he did this, then I realised he had drawn eyes, nose and a mouth and talking to the face he'd drawn :) "He's happy!" he told me and trotted off the find something else to do.

I try so hard not to compare him to his older sister (Jumeirah was drawing so much more at his age) and am slowly realising just how different kids develop. Yes, I've always known it, but sometimes you have to take a step back an remind yourself :)

Day off tomorrow... yes I know we've only just had a weekend but my hubbin is having the day off after working on the weekend.. you may get a sneaky one but I wanted to prepare you in case I dont :)


  1. those are MY peek a boo bags!! i'm famous!!!!!!!!!
    they are lovely, of course.
    the cup cakes are beautiful!!!!!!
    sorry you feel lousy. thanks for your work.
    SLEEP girl!!!

  2. hehehe yes you are famous :) and YES THEY ARE YOURS!! all done yay for wonder me :)
    and now you want cupcakes too right;)????