Friday, September 23, 2011

what to do when youve got too much to do

Ive had a week of it this week... I have run from Monday to Friday. Non. stop. With the Fairy tale ball, the Concert of Excellence, making 27 million plaster moulds for Jumeirahs teacher so she survives today ( yes Im an awesome parent to have) and a photo shoot to edit, as well as photographing the ball AND getting ready for my crazy one day hike to Sydney and back ( its a 3am -11pm day tomorrow) Im absolutely beat.
NEXT WEEK though, is SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!! And I cant wait. Lots of craft things, lots of adventures and lots and lots of TIME with just my gang at home.

But yesterday, we had the Fairy Tale Ball :) All of 1st class, dressed as princes and princesses ( mostly, the boys werent so keen) danced and danced whilst I clicked and clicked.
My girl, Oh my girl, took my breath away.

She was beautiful. Not only in looks but in her whole manner. The funny way she stands with shrunk shoulders cos shes still a bit shy for photos, the way she checked herself in the mirror like she was seeing herself for the first time,the grin from ear to ear that lasted till she fell asleep....

Yesterday was one of those " I need to clean the house and I still have two children to entertain" days and for some reason I nailed it :)
To begin with, a day like this is TOTALLY acheiveable for any of you. Im no super woman. I just got super organised in my head and it just worked.
And this is how its done:)
I set up a space outside for Jared and Amahli to start with. Its the two awesome cubbies I have but you can use sheets or whatever to create an inviting space for your kids.

In one, I had books, the other I put blocks. And whilst they began exploring, I tackled the kitchen.

(And just so you can see how bad it was, heres a before and after)

Once the kitchen was done, I prepared morning tea as a platter with the teaset and took it out to them. ( Which they loved)
I added phones to their play space which gave them some more things to pretend play with and gave me a time extension of at least half an hour. ( I got two loads of washing on the line and vacuumed the carpet)

Once I had vacuumed the carpet, I grabbed the box of dress ups and soon had two dancing princesses... happily twirling away. I put on some music and all three of us were bopping away to the sounds of Mama Mia ( yup it works for me!)
Leaving them happily playing, I did both bathrooms and our bedroom.

By lunchtime, the house resembled some kind of normal where I would open the door if somebody knocked. I also had two kids who'd had a great time playing without really noticing I wasnt there for all of it.
It doesnt always happen like this. I struggle to find balance alot, but when it works, Im happy :)


  1. That does sound like it worked out perfectly. Well done.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS - I saw the "whirling dervishes" when in Istanbul - Jared and Amahli could give em a run for their skirts! HOW FUN YOU ARE! (Did you scrape all that lot off the counter into the bin? Come on - fess up!)

    Every time I read a post or see photos of your lovely lovies, I also realize that your mum and dad won't be in Abu Dhabi when we go for a visit and THAT makes me as sad as it makes you happy!

    I LOVE Jumeirah's hair! Did you do that? You do HAIR TOO?