Monday, September 12, 2011

story rocks

Its short and sweet tonight.. I have my family here for a fly by visit, plus an anniversary tomorrow so today has been a bit mad with tidying and running around like a headless chook....
I did get time, though, to put out these amazing rocks I made over the weekend. Quite some time ago, I made story blocks which were a huge hit. Looking through a whole of blogs last week I found a similar idea with stones. Seeing as I spend quite a fair bit of time of the beach which is covered in gorgeous, smooth rocks, I collected some and made some story stones.

Amahli thought they were brilliant, lining them all up first, then making some stories, having the rocks then interact with each other. Such a multi use thing that was so easy to make!
I cut up an old sticker book mostly and used mod podge to seal them in. These will come with us on trips to the drs, church, or nannas Im sure!

1 comment:

  1. How neat. I love the idea. I am sue at some point in our story the bird would have to fly away and one of my kids hurls a rock across the room. We just might make these as something other than rocks, since we don't have smooth ones around us.