Tuesday, September 27, 2011

face painting fun

Todays request was face painting :)
Jumeirah has been carting around one of my face painting books for weeks now and Ive successfully managed to put her off but today she would not be swayed.... so I got it all out and had the best time decorating these precious little faces. ( I actually had more fun than I expected! Its been AGES since we did face painting!)
I had a mouse " who wants to be a cat" ( I dont ask anymore, it hurts my brain to know what shes thinking), the sweetest little butterfly, and a hilarious serious robot.

They had a ball creating some strange game with all three of them completely in character, I could only stand and watch with utter love for these three beauties.
Sometime in the afternoon, we decided to take our crazy characters to the beach for some race around fun.
This time, I wasnt stupid enough to forget the camera :)

Oh school holidays, take your time....


  1. How fun! I love how you did Jumeirah's hair. That picture of Amahli shows her attitude, um I mean spunkiness. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Is is Spring yet? We just officially hit Fall.

  2. how cute was her hair :) its "ears" :) Yes its apparently spring here although we are currently having another cold snap. Im having a bit of a panic as the wedding Im shooting is this saturday and I have 90% chance of rain :( please come help me???

  3. What a fantastic business we could do together. Although if we were together we would rock so much it might knock the world off its axis. That is probably why God put us exactly on opposite sides of the world. lol.

    You will do fine. Google some tips from UK wedding photographers. They have to deal with rain so much they must have good tips.

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