Thursday, September 15, 2011

matching opposites

Another thing just for Jared today... after spending the WHOLE day watching an athletics carnival I needed something for him to say thanks for not making life any trickier whilst we were stuck at school :)
I am slowly working on skills that he'll need further down the track. Most of them Jumeirah had down pat well before this age but hes a totally different kid. And you know what? I TOTALLY underestimate him :) Every. single. time.
Today, I made him some cards with opposites on it. There were 12 sets in the end, hot/cold, fast/slow, high/low, big/ little, dark/light, full/empty, happy/sad, inside/outside, up/down, on top/under, girl/boy and wet/dry. I found the pictures in google and printed and laminated them.
( I have only one photo of this one!! We got too involved to get a camera out)

I explained what "opposites" meant and we talked one or two examples. I then asked him to match up the cards. And within doing two cards sets with me, he did the rest himself. So then we playefd memory but with opposites and he beat me (without me letting him, mind you) three times in a row.
Such a great little game that I can whip out at anytime, and can be used for a few different games. So now we get in the car and I will say a word and I get three little responses....this afternoon I asked:
"Whats the opposite of sad?"
And the responses? " Joyful!", " Happy" and "Me!" you can put the response to the kid ;)

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  1. How awesome are these cards!? I underestimate my kids all of the time. It is a horrible feeling,but then you are so proud at the same time.