Friday, September 2, 2011

My new friend

I have a new friend.. and I mean REALLY new. Like a week old :)

His gorgeous mum and I have been friends for awhile, we were pregnant with our thirds at the same time and her little blessing was born two days before Amahli.

But this little person, who wasnt entirely planned ( by mum that is) was thought to be following the trail of THREE girls... and turned out to be a boy :)

I tried to stay away, give mum space, really I did. But she was keen and happy for visitors so I raced over to take my first "real" baby shoot.

The thing with hospitals is the lighting is really bad. But some gentle editing, this little guy turned out just perfect :)



  1. Oh how sweet! I love new little Squishies. I hope you get to enjoy that little one as he grows up.

  2. Very beautiful. How exciting to get your first newborn shoot. My husband's cousin is due in November and I hope to be able to get some shots of him. :)