Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sticky paintings

Wanted to shout out to those new people ( and old people!) who have been showing me comment love :) THANKYOU it totally makes my day :)

This last weekend I hit Sydney for a photography course with my dad. Id bought him a voucher to go do it seeing as he has just recently bought a new camera, I thought that would be a great way to learn the basics with a heap of practical on the side.Then I decided I would go too ;)

It great course and over the next few weeks or whatever Id love to share a few thinsg I learnt. Is anyone ( aside from Kim ;) ) keen to know how to take better photos??

Todays art was a cool one that I had planned for last week and it never happened. Last week I made lemon meringue pies to take to a meeting and had some sweetened condensed milk left over ( yes I did try very hard NOT to eat it, that stuff is GOOD!) And so today we did sweetened condensed milk painting :)

I added a little bit of food colouring to this stuff and it makes the most beautiful,glidy, shiny paint ever. It looks so pretty and is really fun to paint with. But WARNING, IT WILL NOT DRY. It will always be a bit tacky so its one we chuck out once we've finished. But both babes were keen on doing it ( which is nice for a change!). Amahli only used pink and Jared only used blue.

Jared used his to paint the Sea. Amahli just loved the sensation of this cool paint. Its one of those mixtures that is more about the process and the feel rather than the final result.

Go try it!


  1. I love learning new photo tips. Bring 'em on! Oh, and you could use that paint to paint on toast or pancakes or something like that. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to. Someday.

  2. I know you said aside from me, but I vote YES on the photo tips. ;)
    Do you have rice cakes? They are fun on those, too. Waffles are the best because the kids can make designs out of filling in the squares. It is very cool.