Monday, September 26, 2011

Marshmallow sculptures

Today was the first day of school holidays :) Something feels so very right about having all three of my kids here with me.

I started the day with a very cool surprise, a trip to the movies to see The Smurfs. It was a fun morning and all three f them gushed over how fantastically "smurfy" I am. ( think that expression is going to last a few more days but for now it's worth it )
This afternoon, I set up a really fun activity that would not only continue my awesome mum status but is also secret learny stuff too!!

I had all three sitting up watching as soon as I pulled out the huge packet of mashmellows. We talked about how we were cutting the marshmellows into halves and then quarters. We then split it into three portions and added long skewers and short toothpicks to it and we began to create our sculptures.

I was totally surprised that no one wanted to eat them straight away, but they all began to thread to marshmallow pieces onto sticks. Admittedly, Amahli was working pretty quickly to get them onto the sticks.

Jared wasn't overly keen on touching them too much as they were quite sticky but he still used them to create "Daddy".

Jumeirah happily created a Teddy bear and then just as happily ate him :)

But nothing was more funny than watching the shock on their faces when I lit a candle and proceeded to melt my own marshmellow pieces into delicious gooey goodness. No one wanted to try it, which suited me just fine :)

Yum :) All in the name of learning :)


  1. Oh, I love burning my marshmallows, pulling off the crusty cover, and eating the extra smooth and gooey middle.
    So are your marshmallows in the shape of chocolate chips/Hershey's kisses? Ours are in the shape of cylinders. How neat.

  2. ours are normally cylinders too but these ones are budget ones and yes they do look like hersheys kisses! totally YUM