Friday, September 30, 2011

squeeze painting part 2

Busy Bees :)

Today has been just BEAUTIFUL. Blue skies, a smattering of white clouds... just gorgeous. Is it too much to think tomorrow will be the same??
Today we finished off the squeezee painting from yesterday.
The black glue paint had completely dried this morning so I gave Jumeirah some watercolours ( food colouring) to paint in all the sections of the picture.

She didnt want to do her owl but she did do the swirly painting.The is end result!It looks really cool. I didnt push her to do the background, she liked it just like this. Kinda looks like Christmas lights! Id love to do a really big one, just for myself. Its just the type of painting this shockingly non-able to paint person loves ;)
have a great sunny weekend! And pray for sunny days for me too!

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  1. Have a great weekend and I cannot wait to hear about the wedding shoot!