Thursday, September 1, 2011

things are growing!!

Things Ive planted ( and promptly forgot about) are GROWING :)
Im no gardener. Id love to be, but I lack interest and patience mostly. But things are growing....

Strawberries actually look like real strawberries ( these ones arent rip yet. They need to turn dark red. But we have had some that look great. Jared eats them before I get the camera...)

Carrot seeds ( ok can someone explain to me how a carrot grows from a seed? Wheres the seed in a carrot?!)

I walked up the back a few weeks ago and saw this great pile of "weeds". I then remembered we had put the seeds of carrots in here cos I had no where else to put them! I was so excited, we thought we should pull one up...
Not ready yet I dont think.

This is what it looks like this morning :)

Jared was shocked at the size of this carrot " its so big I can eat it!"
Amahlis comment was " I want to eat the shop ones."
And my beautiful tulips I bought for myself for Mothers day :)
They were bulbs, then shoots...
And now COLOUR!!

I need a natural spray to protect my strawberries though.. anyone got any ideas??


  1. I'm not sure what you can put on your garden for bugs, but after reading this thread in a board I watch on Baby Center, I found some things that might work. A lot of them said Lady Bugs. You might be able to buy them from a nursery (plant store). Release them at night so they don't fly away I guess. Here's where I found some ideas. You could search this group for more threads that might help too. This was the first useful one I found. Good luck!

  2. If you plant marigolds around the strawberries, it will help keep some bugs away, too. But this is for North America and our bugs. i am not sure if it will work on Australian bugs. I know that sounds dumb, but it could be different. The lady bugs should help. Mint spray will keep the ants away. Put some mint leaves in water to soak for a bit, then spray the ground around the strawberries. It might work for you, it might not. I am the only one in my family that doesn't garden.

  3. Carrot seeds are found in the green leafy bit above the soil. If the carrot is left in the ground long enough and the weather gets hot enough it will 'go to seed'- A stem will shoot, producing a head of small flowers, then later seeds.
    Another tip- When pulling up the carrots pull up every 2nd one. This will allow the ones left a bit more space to grow bigger.
    Good luck with the gardening ventures. x