Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My family came for a fly by visit yesterday... fell into bed and didnt resurface until morning...
Today was another awesome family morning spent leaping off sand dunes and having the first swim of the spring season. Cold much?? Heck yes. My my little icebergs werent worried :) I took loads of gorgeous snaps so stay tuned, just need to fine tune them :)
Yesterday, in a lull in madness, Jared came and asked me to build him something. Something quite specific actually. " A crane, please", and so we had a quick google search and came up with nothing and so we created our own.
Using a few cardboard rolls, a heap of sticky tape, the end of a coat hanger, some wool, and a chunk of imagination, my little guy and I created this fully working ( sort of) masterpiece.

It helped that he is the best motivator and encourager BAR NONE. Truly, you want to achieve something?? I'll send him to you :) He spent the whole time saying " Mum, thats perfect!" "Mum you are AWESOME!" " Oh Mum, keep going! I love it, love it!"
So for the afternoon, before the troops arrived again, he had a blast moving animals to a safer spot.
And I basked in the glory of his love :)


  1. I will definitely have to try this out for my Jack. He LOVES cranes. I hadn't thought to make him one! :)

  2. That looks very neat. Genius idea!

  3. it was pretty simple.. the tricky part was getting the tape to hold...may try glue next time :)

  4. I'm just catching up on all the doings! LOVE the crane! We used a mop handle and a load of rope with an S hook attached for our crane at church - cause it had to be able to lift brown gift bags out of our surprise box! ♥