Friday, September 16, 2011

foto friday

This weeks photo is nothing overly spectacular. Its just a gorgeous photo of my girl.
The thing is, shes wearing my wedding tiara, which exactly 8 years ago this week I wore. And I realised, right before my eyes, this beautiful girl is growing up.
Yeah I know, kids have a tendency to do that, but seriously, I WATCHED her get older as she put it on. I kid you not.


This is her first portrait in this blog.. so many posts ago...


Scary really! Theres been so many times when I have wanted to stop, but this is such a great way to remember my kids and I know they'll thank me for it someday!

This week is her last week of school before holidays and in this week shes performing for the very first time at the Glasshouse ( big entertainment centre in Port) and going to her first fairytale ball.
Somehow I managed to wangle my way into doing photos for it :) I cant WAIT :)
Will I cry? More than likely. But can you imagine a hall filled with about 200 princes and princesses????
Oh, be still, my fluttery camera finger!
Happy weekend :)

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  1. Such a pretty young lady!!!! I love that the first portrait of her on your blog was one with paint splatters on her face. She really is a beauty :) Have a great weekend!