Thursday, September 8, 2011

pay it forward

Miss Mother Nature found a rather large, rather unwell cicada at our back door this afternoon. I told her to leave it alone but she insisted in moving out of the dogs way and to make it " more comfortable.
This guy died in peace and comfort :) Complete with a pillow for his head. ( Actually he was dead before she rescued him.)

Yesterday, I got a well timed surprise in my letterbox. A package from a friend which totally made my day. Not just because it was a package addressed to me ( Although that does rather float my boat) but what it contained actually made me gasp with the surprise that someone had gone out of their way to think of me.

Inside was some stickers for the kids, a mag she knew Id like, a disc to create all sorts of cool things, but the thing that got me most was this blank diary-like book. A week or so ago I posted something on facebook. It was mini rant and not something I normally do because, well, its Facebook! But it was a particularly shocking day and I didnt think anyone would read it.

I wrote: "I would love to have a rant and rave without the fear of repercussion". Nothing overlly incriminating. Just a bit of a blah.

When I opened the diary from my surprise package this is what it said inside:

I was quite gobsmacked at the thoughtfuless of this lovely friend, who I dont see much at all, and we dont speak much either.
So it got me thinking, I need to find a way to pay it forward too.
So tomorrow, Im going to find a way to do something for two people to make their day, without the need or want for them to pay it back, only foward.

Want to join me??

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  1. I remember that facebook post. I am so happy you had a little surprise. :) Have a great weekend!