Monday, November 1, 2010

veggie patch ready to GROW! /overcoming fear of bubble baths

Over the weekend, we began the veggie patch planting! Or really, I got down and dirty and they all " eww!! Gross MUM!" from behind me :)

It was lots of fun and I am hoping it yields lots of great veggies. I also found an organic recipe for bug spray: garlic, onion and chilli. Am yet to try that one but it doesnt sound too delicious so hopefully my buggy friends will feel the same!

Jumeirah spent most of Saturday driving me nuts creating things from whatever popped into her brain... its pretty common around here for her to say " Right ok Mum, Im going to need string, sticky tape, a plate you dont need and have you got pompoms?" (?) . I do so love her creativeness but sometimes its jsut so far beyond the realm of normal items I have to discourage ( which I HATE doing). Saturday morning though, it was simply the new playdough and paddlepop sticks.. that I could do :) And so she created this gorgeous giraffe.

Isnt that just so cute?? She had to work hard to work out how he was going to stay upright, and after a bit of trial and error, worked out that it was all in the positioning of his legs. Clever little cookie :)

Today, Amahli and Jared returned to their birthday states ( ie nude) almost as fast as I had dressed them.. and so I set out some water things for them. The funny thing with both these two is that they HATE bubble baths. Jared will scream and completely refuse to get in, Amahli will get in under huge process only to have to have a shower afterwards.So I set up an activity that will hopefully help this craziness :)
"Plain" water and sea creatures

Its simply a tub of water filled with Pink Grapefruit body wash ( gotta love my Body Shop) and a baby ready to be washed. Amahli really couldnt resist this, although she did want me to empty the bubbles out. I told her dolly was really dirty and needed a good bath and so she relented. She still wouldnt get in with her, preferring to wash from the edge. She has such a lovely chatty, "mummy" like voice in this activity, I loved listening to her. Funnily enough though, as soon as dolly was clean and lovely, she went and dunked her in the "plain" water :)

Can you believe this little babe is TWO on Saturday?? I gotta get moving!!

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