Monday, November 22, 2010

masks for kids/ Look whats growing!!

It was crazy busy for me over the weekend... a very full Body Shop/party weekend.
The time that I did get to spend at home though, was fun and busy too.
It seems as the year progresses, Jumeirahs brain is getting further and further into overdrive. This afternoon, she gets in the car from school and announces: "Mum, Im making a remote control car. For school. For tomorrow." *sigh*

But, on the weekend, she took herself instead of announcing her plans (thankfully! I cant keep up) and was very busy for quite sometime. Finally, the announcement was made for us all to come to the kitchen for the "trying on". And I was greeted with the most gorgeous animal masks for the whole family. Before everyone tried them on, I suggested we laminate them first so they wouldnt rip.

The welcome messages for Tigers and Cats, complete with balloons :)

(If you dont have a laminator, GET ONE. I have used mine so many times and they are just fantastic for perserving art and now animal masks too!) She was happy with this and so once laminated, I had a family of tigers and cats prowling around the house....Amahli wasnt sure for awhile but got used to and then wouldnt take it off to eat.. luckily enough, my smart cookie had cut holes so they could eat and so she happily ( well incredibly messily but she did manage) ate her dinner through the mouth hole in her mask. Luckily for you, my stomach was churning at the sight so there are no photos of that one :) Sausage and sauce is not a good look. being laminated, they just wiped clean.

Even daddy got involved and had a roaring ( ha) good time as well :)
Making masks are fun and simple. You can print them off the net ( just google printable masks and there are hundreds) or just draw your own. Or let your kids make one themselves! Laminate them if you can as the elastic will rip through paper or cardboard and that way you can keep them for longer as well.

And look whats growing! The one vegetable that I planted and cant stand is squash and its growing beautifully!! such a pretty flower :) Such a horrid veggie...


  1. Oh I love squash, so do my kids (but they prefer zucchini squash over yellow squash).
    I love the masks. Isn't it great when Daddy gets involved in the silliness?

  2. KARINA~ You don't eat SQUASH? We adore it - hey most Americans will eat zucchini BREAD - maybe that would be a way to start! Mash it up with butter, salt and pepper and try to slide it in as a potato masquerade! Hey your mum has me eating mashed cauliflower now instead of potatoes!