Monday, November 8, 2010

birthday round up

Well, we have well and truly celebrated this lovely little girl. Its been a big weekend, and now we have come down with an almighty crash as Daddy and Jumeirah fight a horrible flu virus that brings the joy of vomiting, fevers, a quick dash to emergency, and a day of incredibly lethargic creatures. EEww not a fan, no Im not. I am crossing everything and not breathing much in the hope that I dont get it!

But back to the weekend...Saturday morning dawned with a bright and bubbly 2 yr old, 2 very excited older siblings and a whole lotta kitchen fun :) It was a huge hit.

We played most of the birthday morning in here, cooking up a storm, working together and enjoying each others company. I think all three of them will come to really love this little kitchen.

The afternoon brought friends and family for a small party. (I wanted to hit the beach but rain and storm clouds made that a bit tricky).

Kids had fun decorating biscuits and playing.

Sunday I hit the markets with my newly named "Busy Bags" which was fun and fairly successful. Coming home though, I was hit with a huge wave of exhaustion which somehow got taken out on my three still bubbling cherubs. How do women do this?? Balance work and home and still manage to smile and be fun, AND take care of a house as well? I seriously am struggling with it. With hubbin not well and taking himself to bed, I found myself arguing with three small people and really not enjoying anything and so I bundled them all into the car and headed to the beach.
The beach.... my sanctuary, my solace, my place to be still.

And whilst these beauties chased fish and paddled and laughed and played, I sat beat myself up for awhile, then got sad at the things I would have done differently... and then remembered that I am just a Mum, trying to find the balance, not always getting it, but always trying. And my kids, whilst not perfect, are all turning out fine whilst I find my way. I cant beat myself up with guilt over things I should have done, I just need to keep on keeping on, one day at a time. And hubbin and I, we are doing a good job :) Mostly :)


  1. Looks like the kitchen was HUGE hit. I am so glad you found solace and comfort at the beach.
    I hope your house gets better very soon!

  2. kitchen was great :)

    household is generally on the mend.. would love to put them all on pause and sleep for a week myself but otherwise... ;)