Thursday, October 28, 2010

the beauty of a new flower

Strange link today... but watch monster singing "Manamana" and tell me my double headed gerbera doesnt remind you of him!

Watch this: "Manamana"

Today we began the very fun task of our veggie and flower patches :)

Whilst my dad was here, we had grand intentions for our huge bark area that doesnt get played in ( its way too rough on the feet!) but as we started, all of us realised that the area is just too big to start a beginner off on her "real" veggie experiment( yes I had a veggie patch, sort of. Things grew well without much love, but it wasnt a proper patch I had to look after).
And so, we hunted around and found these awesome corrugated iron tubs that were perfect for what I needed.

Uum yes well I really cant explain this one too much.. we stupidly moved the trampoline into its new home BEFORE we filled to flower patch with dirt. Ahem. oops)

So we got two, one for deep dwellers ( potato, sweet potato and carrot) and one for surface dwellers ( strawberries, beans, etc. We got waaay too much soil, so dad cleared out another area for me to grow flowers. Now, I have been absolutely stunned at the gerberas that have grown so well in my small original space. So I am really looking forward to growing some more. So two littles and myself trotted off to Big W this morning and bought this!!

Two gerberas ( one that has a twin flower on it that I cannot stop taking photos of)
Two of the most stunning Roses I have ever seen ( that head of blooms is on a single stem!)
Snow Peas
Squash (eww gross but daddy likes it)

How cool is this gerbera.. its a twin!!
Ma had given me a present to give Jumeirah before we started so I gave her that and it turned out to be a little gardeners set. She was totally thrilled and we got started on our flowers first.

How gorgeous are they! We also uprooted our other gerberas so they would be happier with their new family and were amazed at the root system they had in such a small and shallow spot.

I am really hoping these take off and give me lots of lovely colours to fill my house with :) I know I was born to macro them ;) I will be forever grateful to Kim over at Mom Tried It for finding me a cheap one!!

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  1. You are a natural with that macro attachment! You are such a talented photographer, too. Hope you have a great weekend.