Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rainbow experiment.. doesnt quite work

Jumeirah" Ok Mum, I need a stick, some paper and sticky tape. Oh, and have you got those pompoms yet?"
I hear this EVERYDAY, pretty much as soon as I start to get dinner out. She is a master creator, an incredibly talented ( but badly timed) and imaginative soul with a brain FULL of ideas and plans. And nothing, but NOTHING stops her. Except me. And my inability to do it right when she wants to. Which drives me crazy because I dont want to stop her doing this, I just need her to find a better time ;).
Which is why, when I had 5 spare seconds, I grabbed her and told her to get ready.. we were going to do something fun and experimenty. And so we did :)
I had found a website with a great experiment for
making rainbows and she had been pretty interested in it ( of course she was, it uses Skittles!) and so I got the things we needed and we began.

The experiment measures water density, by placing differing amounts of Skittles in water, they dissolve, leaving the water with differing levels of density. the aim is the layer these amounts of water ( once dissolved and looking lovely in colour) in one glass to make a rainbow.

So we began by dissolving the Skittles. Fast forward an hour and Im nuking them in the microwave.

Once dissolved, we had gorgeous, vibrant coloured water, we began to layer them. Well, we tried anyway.

Unfortunately, sometimes experiments dont work. Sometimes the fun is in the trying. Sometimes its more fun just to drink the ridiculously sugared water at the end :)

Anyone else got any cool experiments we can try??


  1. Have you done dancing raisins? Cole go the biggest kick out of it. I never blogged about it, though. I guess I should have. lol.

  2. no havent seen dancing raisins!! whats that?? why havent you blogged it;) ??

  3. We did this one at Kid Zone:
    Equal parts HONEY, WATER, and OIL
    a smallish coin, a cork and a grape
    Pour all in - honey last.
    Then drop in the 3
    The liquids separate and the coin, cork and grape end up in 3 separate liquids. DENSITY!