Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kool Aid painting.. what works and what doesnt

Earlier this week, my lovely friend at Mom Tried It, Kim, sent me MORE Kool Aid after I lost the first lot. ( I know it will turn up, someday). So, today, I was busting to try it out :) It smells incredibly sweet, even in an unopened packet. So we decided to do some simple water painting with it that would give us lovely smelling paintings.

So Amahli and I sat up and began to make a simple concoction of water and Kool Aid. Both of us wanted to try the powder. Neither of us had any idea how incredibly SOUR this stuff is!! Amahli didnt get it the first time, and had to try again. Me? Umm.. well... lets just say it took me longer ;) ( I had to try ever single one, believing for just a moment, that one of them would taste like it smells. I can see why you have to add copious amounts of sugar to it!!)

This is the faces when trying Lemon...

But quite obviously, Blueberry was worse ;)

And so, we began our paintings. And they smelt beautiful. Which, of course, put Jared right off :) But the colours are vibrant and it was fun to paint with.

I then thought I would have a go at making finger paint from it. I made a cornflour and water paste with two flavours ( lemon and blueberry) and the result was truly )almost) edible. I reckon if I put that in a pastry case it could SO pass as a lemon tart ;) An incredibly tart tart.

And so, I put the mixture on the table, encouraging both of them to come and feel it. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Amahli stuck one finger and and declared " ITS GROSS!" so it was up to me to test it out. Whilst the consistency is great and smooth, the colour was lacking. Next time, I'll add more ;)


  1. what's your ratio of cornflour to water? it looks like a lovely consistency!

  2. I LOVE THIS KID! Jared is too funny (and way too consistent) in not having anything to do with messy! But Amahli - blue tongue - shivering over the sour - love it! (When you read the ingredients, you'll see why I think PAINTING is way better than INGESTING this chemical concoction!)

  3. jennifer: I wish I knew what the ratio was!its all done by sight....i start with cornflour and cold water, stirred until its smooth and easy to mix. I then just add hot water for a few seconds, then stop and all of a sudden its turned.
    Sorry, I know that is completely unhelpful :)

    Martha: Jumeirah is BEGGING to try it for her birthday next week... shes getting a slushie machine ( which she doesnt know about) so I might let her have a try then :) they will probably start flying ;)

    Mel: I will give you some of mine next time I see you :)

  4. Woo hoo! Looks like you had a great time with the Kool Aid. I am so glad. I can send more if you need to share. :-) We just used some to make sweet smelling playdough.